Another one of the things we always start with at Minerva Academy, on every programme and course, is the importance of The Five Good Men and Women True, and their Cousin H.

Asking questions, challenging boundaries and perceptions, at every organisational level, is mission critical in helping to assure and underwrite learning organisations, high-performance, productivity, and high impact leadership and management.

Asking questions, simple but powerful questions, allows us to learn, understand and question, in such a way that our planning, decision making, and operational optimisation can become significantly empowered and enhanced.

Cast your mind over some of the highest profile organisational, corporate and other disasters and scandals, and ask yourself, why didn’t they ask ……….? Again, it sounds like such a simple and obvious thing to do, but over thirty-five years, internationally, we find that sadly, it is not as common as you think.

The 5 Good Men and Women True are both a questioning mindset and framework which foster not only planning, decision making and operational benefits, but help assure, drive and deliver tangible results, outcomes and success.


Want to know more? Then why not join one of our courses and find out, whilst developing best practice knowledge, skills and competencies, how to be to fully use the Five Good Men and Women True.

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