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Minerva Academy is a premier provider of specialist executive and professional training, learning and development services with over thirty years’ experience and expertise in successfully serving clients internationally; and we are particularly proud of our historic and personal GCC and Asian heritage, links and extensive operational experience and expertise.

The Academy is a member of the Minerva International Group, a premier British integrated enterprise and professional services brand.

We are people, performance and productivity-focused. Working as your international learning and development business partner, our focus is on changing behaviours, developing knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes; and on fostering high performance, productivity, outcomes and results.


Our training philosophy is simple, it is to engage, enable, empower, enhance and enrich; so ensuring that organisations, businesess and professionals are highly skilled, able to drive and lead high-performance and productivity, and have the skills, competencies and behaviours to successfully respond to the changes, challenges and issues which organisations and businesses internationally face.

Our approach is designed to deliver a truly excellent, enhanced and personalised training, learning and development experience. Designed to allow learning and development to be consolidated, recycled and implemented in both the training and real world organisational, operational and business environments, our blended learning is task, skills and competency focused; and combines added value components such as personalised learning, online support and micro group supervisions and tutorials.


We specialise in providing bespoke training, learning and development services and solutions for clients internationally – from strategic human capital and nationalisation initiatives for governments, to short, intensive executive and professional in-house webinar-based training.


We are exceptionally proud of the excellence and pedigree of our people and talent. Drawn predominantly from British and Commonwealth (Australian, Canadian and New Zealand) professional, armed forces, business and elite academic backgrounds, as well as British and Commonwealth educated and trained Gulf Arab personnel, they bring to clients not only outstanding specialist training, learning and development expertise and experience, but extensive business, enterprise and operational expertise, experience and added value.


We are unequivocally committed to excellence, quality, innovation; and pride ourselves on our agility. Adaptability, responsiveness. All our training, learning and development is aligned to and benchmarked against the British and Commonwealth armed forces, academic, awarding and professional bodies standards and quality.

Our Executive and Professional

Training, Learning and Development  

Suite of Services


Explore our specialist centres and schools, ranging from academic through to specialist and technical centres of excellence. 


Flexible options for ongoing executive and professional training, learning and development, especially during volatile and disruptive times.


Specialist English for Academic, Occupational, Professional and Technical Purposes, delivered by the specialist School of Business English.

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