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Minerva Academy is here to help organisations, business and individual professionals achieve their fullest potential.


An Oustanding Portfolio

Minerva Academy offers clients internationally and oustanding portfolio of executive education and

professional training, learning and development programmes, courses, masterclassses, and seminars.


Excellence. Expertise. Experience.

Our programmes, courses, and other training, learning and development interventions are delivered by an outstanding pool of talent,

who bring to clients their extensive, international, senior level, multidisciplinary organisational, business, specialist,

as well as their people and talent development expertise and experience.


Centres and Schools of Excellence

Four specialist centres and 16 specialist schools delivering

executive education and professional training, learning and development excellence and expertise

in over 100 specialist subject matter expertise areas. 


Excellence. Impact. Value.

For our clients internationally, we aim to deliver executive education and professional training, learning and development that is

Half the price.
Twice the impact.
Value added.
Outcomes and results orientated.


The Minerva Academy believes that it is marked out by the following.


We are here to serve and support you.

Our values based business and operational ethos.


An outstanding portfolio of education and training solutions and services.

An outstanding portfolio of executive education, and professional training, learning and development programmes and courses.

Our training, learning and development philosophy and approach.

Our training and syllabus design.

Our programmes and courses’ content and materials.

Our SMARTER* approach.

Our flexible delivery.

Smaller groups allowing for personalised and tailored learning and development.


An ability to offer clients exceptional added value.

Our strategic and collaborative partnerships approach.


An unequivocal commitment to quality and excellence.

An unequivocal commitment to best international practice and thought leadership.


Our UK, European and international delivery options.

An outstanding pool of British, Commonwealth and international speaker, trainer, facilitator, and consulting talent, expertise, and experience.

Your Strategic Business Partner

Strategy | Consulting | Design | Development | Programme Management

Delivering Organisational Transformation, Innovation, Excellence and Performance

London | Dublin | Bahrain | Cyprus | Singapore

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