Empowering International Business

Developing the specialist business cultural, communications and language skills

to enhance individual and organisational performance.


Academic and General English Language Training

for Adults and Graduates

Combining Personal Development With Friendship and Culture

Minerva Academy’s School of English Studies is designed explicitly to provide dedicated academic and general English langage training for international adults and graduates.

The school offers clients the opportunity to study either specialist academic or general English langauge options, as well as enjoy cultural, heritage and leisure adventres and experiences.

English for academic purposes programmes and courses designed specifically for international clients, developing their confidence, knowledge and skills to use English internationally.

Providing international clients with an oustamding porfolio of specialist English for academic purposes programmes and courses.

Providing clients internationally with opportuities to combine English language learning with high end ‘cultural and study’ tour, heritage, and lesiure opportunities in and across the UK and Europe if desired.

Flexible Delivery Options

We know that in today’s fast paced world, people are extreemly busy , and their time is exceptionally valuable. So, we provide a range of flexible and agile delivery options, which include:

  • Masterclasses – in person or hybrid and webinar based
  • In person programmes and extended programmes
    • 1-1, micro groups and small groups.
  • In person short intensive programmes
    • 1-1, micro groups and small groups.
  • Hybrid in person and webinar based programmes and courses
    • 1-1, micro groups and small groups.
    Academic and General

    We offer cclients the opportunity to combine:

    • Dedicated English for academic purposes with / and
    • General English language training options.
    Cultural and Study Tours

    Our study tours are specifically designed to allow international clients opportunities to combine specialist academic or general English language training, with added value components such as high-end and personalised cultural, heritage and lesiure adventures and experiences.

    Such study tours can be delivered in:

    • London
    • Across UK with parts of programmes delivered in key UK capital and other cities
    • Across UK and Europe, with parts of programmes delivered in key cities such as Paris and Rome.

    Academic and General English Language Training Programmes and Courses

    To explore our portfolio of English for academic purposes (EAP) and general English language training

    programmes and courses currently being delivered, please follow the links below.

    Our English for Academic Purposes

    and General English Language Portfolio

    Our suite of English for specialist training, occupational and professional purposes’ programmes and courses encompasses:

    Our general English language programmes and courses allow clients to study

    • General English language
    • Special interest areas – such as Art, History, Literature and our HELLIOS Programme

    as well as areas such as


    • Communications and Correspondence
    • Soft and Transferable Skills

    Our English for Academic Purposes is focused on:

    Transferable Academic Skills and Knowledge

    Specialist Academic Subject Areas

    (Such as English Literature, History)

    IELTS Exam Preparation

    Cambridge PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE

    Pearson Test of English (PTE)

    Specialist English Language Examination Preparation

    (Such as Occupatinal English Test)

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