A cup of coffee or tea can be a powerful tool in fostering personal and professional engagement, empowerment and enrichment.

To this end, Minerva Academy run three new weekly or monthly webinar based professional forums or coffee clubs.

Each is focused on a specialist area and is designed to provide a relaxed, informal (bring a cup of coffee or tea!) but constructive environment, they offer executives, professional and SME’s discussion forum, peer community and opportunity to support, share knowledge, expertise and discuss and explore professional issues, interests or trends; their impact upon organisations and businesses; supporting, addressing and resolving individual and organisational problems, challenges and issues. The three new forums are:


The Forge

Designed for international solo entrepreneurs, mico, family and SME business owners and leaders; with a focus on business coaching, mentoring and specialist SME business support. To register please click here.


The Cosmopolitan Club

Designed for international ‘C’ suite and senior level organisational and business leaders to discuss geopolitical, geostrategic and international relations, business, events, current, trends and issues and their potential impact upon enterprises, organisations and businesses and their environments, ecosystems and operations. To register please click here.


The Kindle Club

Designed for people and talent leaders, managers and professionals. To register please click here.


We are proud and pleased to be launching some innovative and new programmes and courses,

designed for those professionals seeking something a little different.



The Individual Professional Development Programme is a three-stage programme designed to allow organisations and individual professionals, at all levels of their careers to, design a bespoke, tailored and personalised continuous professional development programme.

Organisations and individuals can elect to complete all three stages, or individual stages, on a full time, part time or extended basis.

Stage One is focused on a series of best international best practice professional, transferable and soft skills topics, across areas such as interpersonal skills, communications, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, time and stress management and negotiation and conflict management.

Stage Two is focused on a building an intermediate level toolkit centred around a series of leadership and management options, of which participants are encouraged to take three from a list of six. These include leadership, management, project management, coaching and mentoring, people and talent and operations management.

Stage Three is focused on both advanced level and / or specialist professional areas, with participants encouraged to take two from a list of five. Topics include strategic and operational resilience, financial management for non-financial specialists, leading and managing high performance cultures and organisational excellence and commercial management.


Who Is This Course For?

The Individual Professional Development Programme is suitable for professionals across all career levels, from fresh graduates seeking to develop a broad, best practice portfolio of professional skills which will add value to their careers and employability; to senior level and experienced leaders, managers and professionals looking to refresh or upskill.


What Are The Course Objectives and Outcomes?

There are three main course objectives.

The first is to allow professionals to design a personalised professional development programme which allows them to enhance their professional competencies, skills, allow them to make an enhanced contribution to organisational and professional operations, and enhance and enrich their professional lives, employability and perhaps promotion prospects.

Secondly, to develop best practice, leading edge competencies, knowledge, skills and attributes which will allow them to lead, drive and contribute to enhance organisational and operational performance, productivity, competitive advantage and rounded organisational excellence.

Thirdly, to allow professionals to develop higher and advanced level specialist professional competencies, knowledge, skills and attributes.

At the moment due to the global pandemic, this course is only available publicly as a webinar-based programme or course.

The programme and course is delivered in one of the following ways.

  • Executive One to One
  • Professional One to One
  • Executive Micro Group
  • Professional Masterclass
  • Five Day Course (20 Hrs + 5 – 10 GLH)
  • Professional Extended Programme 1– 40 Hrs + 10 GLH Hrs across two weeks
  • Professional Extended Programme 2 – 60 Hrs + 10 GLH Hrs across two weeks

The five-day intensive professional and two and four week extended professional programmes and courses recommence on:

21st June 2021 | 12th July 2021 | 26th July 2021 

9th August 2021 | 23rd August 2021

Other programmes and courses can be run at the client’s date(s) of choice.

Currently, this is an online webinar programme and course.

Depending upon the global pandemic crisis and client requirements, the programmes and courses will revert to a full contact and physical face to face programme based in Manchester and London, with continued webinar, online and digital support.

Total Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 duration is:

8 Weeks F/T                                      

16 Weeks P/T

24 Weeks Flexible

The course investment fee is £6,660 per participant.


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